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Sixteen – one – function bicycle maintenance tool suit

Super utility — can help you quickly and effectively repair any part of the bike damage, outdoor riding good helper. And it can also help you repair some small appliances or small machines.
Super high durability — it can be used after years of use, still like a new purchase.
Good portability — the unique design behind the bag can make it easy to hang on the bicycle frame, so that you can solve the sudden situation anytime and anywhere.
Light weight–Although it looks heavy, it’s only about seven ounces of weight, and it won’t bring you a burden.

Bicycle maintenance tools→
Internal six angle wrench:2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm
External six angle wrench:8mm/10mm/15mm
14g wheel spokes wrench
Sleeve connecting rod
Slot screwdriver
Cross screwdriver

Sixteen in one bicycle maintenance tool
Two pieces of stainless steel prying rod
Large rectangular tyre repairing film two
Small rectangular tyre repairing film two
Round two tire film
Two valve core tube
Patch file
Mini bicycle chain cutter
Storage bag

Quality assurance, 100% refunds or replacement
If there is any quality problem, we will arrange a new product or full refund for you.

Product Features

  • ★This tool kit was small enough to fit in your saddle bag, yet sturdy enough to make some minor adjustments on your bike.
  • ★The sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs.—It is very popular, although it is small in size, but it has all the necessary work.
  • ★Good quality tool kit, complete tools, absolute value!It is suitable for all kinds of mountain bikes, road bicycles, ordinary bicycles, children’s bicycles, and even some small machines can be dismantled.
  • ★It has everything you would find in a basic repair kit for cycle. It is affordable toolkit to fix a bike. It is compact and contains almost everything can wear when your belt or even attached to your bike.
  • ★You buy this product, you can easily put it on your bicycle, it won’t occupy any space. The extra tyre lever makes it easy to change the tire, you will love this tool, and it will help you repair your bike quickly.