BBR Tuning 26 Inch Motorized Bicycle Frame w/ 2.4L Built In Gas Tank- Brushed Aluminum

Tired of looking for the right frame for your bike engine kit? If you just want to bolt up and ride without messing with zip-tie’s or fabricated mounts, then the BBR Tuning 26″ Motorized Bicycle Frame is the frame you’ve been looking for. Ditch that old, clunky tank- this frame’s got a 2.4L gas tank built right in to it with an easy-to-use twist gas cap. The frame also cleans up your cables with cable ports running along the center and bottom of the bike, eliminating the need for ugly zip-tie’s that can scratch your paint job. It’s also disc-brake and center-pull brake ready with mounting ports for each style on the rear end of the frame. With a front motor mount that can adapt to nearly any bike engine around, the BBR Tuning 26″ Motorized Bicycle Frame is a lightweight, high quality bike frame just waiting for your next build!

Product Specifications:

Made for 26″ Single Speed/Coaster Brake Wheels Stem Tube: 10″ long x 6″ Diameter 43″ Long x 20.5″ Tall Front Motor Mount Built In Built In 2.4L Gas Tank Pull Brake Mounts Disc Brake Ports Built In Cable Ports

Product Features

  • Tired of fabricating mounts and fittings for your bicycle engine? With the BBR Tuning Motorized Bicycle Frame mounting your 2-stroke bike engine has never been simpler
  • Built with a 2.4L gas tank right in side of the frame- no more clunky gas tank up top to scratch your frame
  • Cable ports line the inside and bottom of the frame to get rid of all those ugly zip-ties around your bike
  • Disc brake and pull brake compatible, light as a feather, and compatible with nearly any 2-stroke bike engine kit out there with the built in front motor mount
  • Color: Brushed Aluminum