BUDDY BAR – Bicycle Tandem Bar (Black)

BUDDY BAR is a bar that connects 2 bicycles together, back to front, to form a tandem bicycle (bicycle built for 2). This gives all the benefits of being a tandem (aerodynamic, team building, training, etc), but at a fraction of the price. QUALITIES include: High quality, sturdy steel rod that is portable, lightweight and easy to use, Strong coupling parts constructed for quick connect and release, A fraction of the cost of a tandem bicycle, Ride with almost anybody – regardless of fitness level or size of either rider, All the fun, freedom, and adventure you remember when riding a bicycle. Made in the USA. Please contact us or visit our website for the user and safety guide, installation, and refund policy. Ride responsibly. Children should be comfortable balancing on a bike before using BUDDY BAR. The Original Bicycle Tandem Bar-GOBOL is the sole authorized dealer of BUDDY BAR.

Product Features

  • Sturdy steel bar connects two bicycles together to form a tandem bicycle
  • Family bike rides – no more children left behind and ride longer!
  • Friends riding together in pairs – keep up automatically and get a good workout!
  • Coaches/Personal Trainers training tool
  • Great for trying tandem bicycling out without the cost and bulkiness of a tandem bicycle