City Bicycle Co. – Pro Pedal Straps (1 Pair) – Adjustable and Reflective for Fixed-Gear Bikes

With these new, fully adjustable pedal straps from City Bicycle Company, you’ll get more control, more speed and more support every time you ride your bike. Made to fit with any kind of bicycle, from a fixed speed to commuter, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to use these straps, plus how tough they are, capable of handling even the biggest jumps and fastest turns. Plus, stay safe when riding at night with a reflective lining that will increase your visibility to vehicles and pedestrians.

Product Features

  • STRAPS FOR EVERY RIDE: Whether you’re commuting to work, riding for exercise or just hitting your favorite tricks, our all-new adjustable Velcro pedal straps are designed to work perfectly for your fixed gear, mountain bike or road bike.
  • MORE SPEED, MORE CONTROL: Pedal straps enhance the cycling experience for every biker. Increase speed by securing the ball of your feet directly over the pedals to maximize downward force, and increase efficiency by using the straps to pull up on the pedals after each push down. Straps also improve your control when mountain biking, helping your feet stay on the pedals even after the biggest bumps and jumps. Trying to land a new trick on your fixie? Use straps to lift and shift the rear of your
  • LONG-LASTING SUPPORT: We know how crazy some of those mountain trails and backroads can get, so we made these straps with durable and high quality nylon that will survive even the worst falls.
  • ADJUST TO YOUR NEEDS: Easily loosen or tighten the straps to match your foot size, pedaling intensity and comfort. You can use one strap or two straps for a more comfortable ride
  • BE A NIGHT RIDER: Cycling after dark? Ride more safely with reflective lining on these straps to cast light.