Cobra Storage, Garage Door Rack, 21 Inches

Introducing The Cobra Garage Storage Rack, the best solution to store your finest fishing rods in the unused space on your garage. The Cobra Storage Rack rack easily installs in minutes without tools on most standard 21″ garage door panels. If you have an insulated garage door which do not have the lips for clamping you can hard mount it to the insulated panel with self tapping screws or they can be installed on your walls or ceilings. The Cobra Racks are made in the USA from durable, high strength ABS materials, the Cobra Storage Rack is the perfect solution for your garage storage efficiency needs. Please check size of garage door panels for 21″ Cobra Racks as it may need the Cobra 18″ Storage Rack. Count the panels, if it has 4 panels it usually requires the 21″ Cobra Rack, if it has 5 panels it requires the 18″ Cobra rack.

Product Features

  • Each package includes 1 set of Cobra Racks with clamping hardware on standard garage door panels.Insulated panels require self tapping screws (not included).
  • Made in the USA with durable, high strength ABS material.
  • All hardware included for easy, no tool, installation on standard garage doors. If the door is a hard insulated or wood door self tapping screws are not included but can be shipped at no cost.
  • Protects your equipment from damage.
  • Can also be installed on walls and ceilings