Commuter Upstand (Standard (26-27.5″ Wheels))

The Commuter Upstand provides the simple and easy solution to a common problem: Where do I set my bike? Handmade in the United States, with the Upstand you can park your bicycle anywhere! No more balancing on a curb, leaning on your car or searching for the closest tree to set it against. Best of all? No heavy, unsightly kickstand hanging off your bike. The Commuter Upstand was designed with the commuter in mind. Bundled with the Upclip, the Commuter Upstand quickly stores alongside the frame of your bicycle via the Upclip that installs under your water bottle cage. A magnet embedded in the top shaft of the Commuter Upstand facilitates attaching the Commuter Upstand to the attachment tab on your rear axle (included with purchase). On the bottom of the Commuter Upstand you will find an EPDM rubber foot to ensure no marks or scuffs on any surface you deploy the Commuter Upstand on. The Commuter is designed for touring bikes, tandems and all those that don’t need the foldability of the original Upstand, while still maintaining its 40 gram weight. The Commuter is constructed from the same custom carbon fiber made in the USA as the original Upstand.

Product Features

  • Extremely strong lightweight construction: Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel.
  • Quick and Easy: Magnetically attaches to attachment tab and stores in Upclip.
  • One Time Install: Slide the attachment tab on your rear standard quick release skewer and you’re done!
  • Peace of Mind: No more worrying about where you’ll be laying your bicycle.
  • Handmade in the US: All of our materials are sourced locally and assembled by hand.