Continental Race 28 700 x 18-25c Tube Presta 80mm

Continental tires are known worldwide for their outstanding performance, durability, and value, and their tubes are no different. The tubes are mold-cured and vulcanized from high quality butyl rubber in a seamless construction that eliminates weak points. Every tube then must pass a rigorous quality control inspection before it leaves the factory. We carry three different weights, so you can choose the right tube for your bike whether you’re racing, training, or bar-hopping: STANDARD Great for worry-free everyday cycling when combined with a puncture-resistant tire. Available in all dimensions (referred to as Race, Cross, or MTB). LIGHT The ideal balance of weight and puncture resistance, perfect for training rides or racing on rough terrain. SUPERSONIC The lightest tubes available, for when every gram of rotational weight counts. Also useful as an emergency spare that doesn take up much room in your kit.

Product Features

  • Inner Tube
  • Designed for deep section 700c Road Bike wheels
  • Presta valve is 80mm long
  • Inner core is removable