Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo Trailer, Matte Black

The Trail-Monster from Cycle Force is a trailer built to a higher standard. With 20 x 3.0 inch wheels and a huge cargo bed, the Trail-Monster is an ideal companion for your Fat Bike or on your next hunting expedition. With an extra large base of 41 x 17 x 10 and gates that open, you fit game, lumber, or whatever else you can throw at the monster.

Product Features

  • 20x 3.00 Oversized Tires and quick release wheels
  • ED Rust-Proof Black finish and is foldable
  • Made from strong steel with quick dethatch pins on both ends so gates can be opened or removed
  • Quickly attaches to most bicycle axles
  • Base area of 41 x 17 x 10 inches and is rated at over 275 lbs. of capacity