[Digital Tire Pressure Gauges]Dr.meter Multi LED Light Tire Gauges, Mini Potable Tire Pressure Gauge, Air Compressors Inflator with Tread Ruler, CC-106

Think that getting a flat tire is a game of luck? Well, not really. Did you know that all tires lose pressure because of the constant friction and the changes in pressure temperature as you cruise along the road, and proper tire pressure and maintenance is paramount in extending the service life of your tire.
With the
Dr.meter Electric Car Tire Inflator
, flat tires won’t stop you from getting you from place to place. It displays your tire pressure so you’ll know when to pump your tires up before any tire disasters happen, and it fills your tires with an automatic mechanism that stops pumping air the moment it has reached your desired tire pressure.
With Dr.meter, it’ll always be a smooth ride ahead.

Auto shut off at a desired pressure which prevents over inflation.
LED flashlight: Bright torch 
Four display units for easy reading: PSI, KPA and BAR, KG/CM 
Comes with 3 nozzles for widely use.
Adaptors for balls and inflatable items included for sports equipment like camping mattress, airbeds, airboat, and other inflatables. 
Can be inserted into a cigarette lighter socket.

Power: 120W
Input voltage: DC12V
Power cord: 3.5M
Charging time: 4~5 minutes
Weight: 1.38kg
Dimension: 27*24.5*11.5cm

Package Contents
1 x Dr.meter Electric Tire Inflator
3 x Nozzles
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • ★PRECISE PRESSURE GAUGE: The tire pressure value display ensures that your tires are always primed for the road; set the desired pressure level, and the inflator automatically shuts off when the set pressure is reached.
  • ★LED FLASHLIGHT: Flat tire in the dead of night? With the bright LED flashlight function, this electric tire inflator helps you to pump your tires up with complete ease, in both day and night
  • ★USER-FRIENDLY: Can be inserted into cigarette lighter socket directly with a long 3.5 power cord that easily reaches both your front and rear tires. Easy one-touch switch inflates the tire in a swift 4 minutes.
  • ★COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Tangle -free design increases the longevity of the digital tire inflator, and the power cord is easily stored at the back. Compact structure makes this car essential easy to carry around.
  • ★VERSATILE: Equipped with 3 different nozzles, this inflator is suitable for cars, bikes, motorcycles, RV, SUV, ATV, truck and other inflatables. A premium fuse wire is adopted to prevent overheating for safer use.