Double Vertical Bicycle Storage Hanger Rack for Garages or Apartments

The bicycle storage hanger rack is quick to setup, use, and is an ideal way to optimize available bike storage space in the garage, apartment, living room, basement, or shed. Each bicycle storage stand extends from 63″ to 114″ high to create a stable, convenient support bar with dual pivoting bike hangers and hooks. Storage hanger hooks are spaced 11.75″ to 15.625″ apart and will fit most bicycle frames up to 2″ diameter. The bike stand holds (1) or (2) bicycles with provided hangers and hooks.

To use the bike hanger, simply locate ceiling joists or studs for solid placement, then telescope open to the approximate size required. Unscrew padded feet equally on each end until bar will stay in place, and tighten by turning entire bar firmly by hand at the foam grip. Be sure not to over-tighten or use tools; Over-tightening may cause damage to floor and/or ceiling. Do not exceed the maximum safe working load of 132 lbs. Includes a rubber insert which must be used with the top hanger arm.

Product Features

  • Fully adjustable bike hanger with a maximum 132 lb. capacity – Pivoting hangers and hooks keep bicycle’s balanced with center of gravity
  • Great for optimized bicycle storage in the garage, basement, apartment or shed
  • Quick support pole with twist-to-tighten design extends from 63″ to 114″ high
  • Includes a rubber insert for the top hanger which must be used when securing bikes
  • Heavy duty construction with grooved rubber foot pads and foam grip handle