Foot Powered Adult Cycle With Centipede

Our Foot Powered Cycle including our Centipede attachment for a Tandem ride! Great for those with balance problems, for the elderly or those with mental challenges, low muscle tone, or those who tire easily. Great way to ride together combining the abilities and strength of both riders. For 2 Adults, or 1 Adult and 1 Child. Rock and Roll Cycles Tricycles, Adaptive Tricycles are custom designed for each individual. Check our other items including our patented Hand Powered Cycles, Foot Powered Cycles, Hand and Foot Powered Cycles. Makes outdoor Therapy & Exercise Fun For all Ages . Rock and Roll Cycles has been offering our unique cycles and adaptive equipment, tricycles, Adaptive and handicap cycles and special needs equipment for children and adults for over 24 years. For individuals with cerebral palsy, down’s syndrome, visual impairments, mental retardation, spina bifida, orthopedic handicaps, paralysis, autism, etc. The Rock ‘N Roll cycle is an answer to a prayer. See our Earn-A-Bike program and kit which allows schools, friends, groups, clubs etc. help those in need “earn” a free cycle. We are happy to answer questions 1-855-306-3223.

Product Features

  • Provides Fun Outdoor Activity For You and a Special Needs Youth or Adult
  • Low-gear ratio makes it easy for anyone to operate
  • Easily Connects and Disconnects
  • For Youth and Adult