HT Evo-Mag ME03 – Pédales BMX – noir 2016 pedales vtt

Use HT Components’ ME03 EVO Pedals for a hassle free flat pedal option that won’t feel bulky on the trails. At 11mm wide, the pedals are lighter and slimmer than many comparable options, so they’ll be nimble and provide good clearance as you ride through root lattices and over rocks. The CNC-machined magnesium alloy body ensures the pedals remain strong and durable despite their low weight, and a streamlined shape makes them less cumbersome and easier to re-engage with if your feet slip off the pedals.

Product Features

  • Material: CNC-machine magnesium alloy
  • Removable Pins: yes, 20 replaceable pins
  • Claimed Weight: 260 g
  • Recommended Use: mountain bike