Kids Protective Pads MAXZOLA Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 In 1 Protective Gear Set (Green helmet+protective pads)

Why Get Protective Gears?
Kids usually fall when start learning riding. Some children fall when they starts skating.
So protective gears are necessary to offer you perfect protection for skateboard, roller blading, riding a scooter, bicycle and many other outdoor sports.
MAXZOLA protective pad set is made of long lasting material that is soft and comfortable to touch.

1. Type: Knee pads + Elbow pads + waist pads
2. Material: PVC + breathable mesh + sponge + elastic straps
3. Weight: <300g
4. Color: Black/Ren/Green
5. Size:51-61inch Height, 13-23kg Weight, 4-12 years old
Suitable Sport:
Skateboard Skateboarding
Roller Rollerblade
Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling
BMX bike
Outdoor activities
Other extreme sports

Please note: Just for children.

Package including:
2x Knee pads
2x Elbow pads
2x Waist pads

Product Features

  • Suitable for: 4-12 years old kids. Made of PVC guards and breathable, soft EVA padded material. Shock absorption cushioning lining inside reduce injuries during movement.
  • Flexible straps of protective gears make you comfortable in sports.
  • Including knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Bring you all-round and perfect protection.
  • Perfect for children inline skating, roller blading, skateboard, biking, cycling, and other outdoor sports.
  • Knee and elbow pads are kept in place with two elastic magic tape straps .