Kodiak AeroGrip 53″ Universal Locking Roof Rack Crossbars – Ultra Secure Strap Lock Technology – Fully Adjustable Bars to Carry Your Roof Box , Bicycle & Kayak Safely – Fits Raised Side Rails

Transport Your Life with the Kodiak AeroGrip

Whether you take to the water rapids in a kayak or canoe. Ride your bicycle on the open roads or simply just require additional roof box space for your road trip vacation. The Kodiak AeroGrip Universal Cross Bars will support your load essentials

Main Features:

The universal T- Track adapter slot across the full length of the cross bars allows for accessories to be securely connected directly to the AeroGrip crossbars.            Anti-theft locking covers prevent your AeroGrip cross bars from being stolen.

Product Features

  • AEROGRIP STRAP TECHNOLOGY – The Grip Coated Metal Straps Attach Securely to Existing Raised Side Rail Mounts and Fit Any of Your Car or SUV
  • ROOF ACCESSORIES – Universal T Track Adapter Slot Allows You to Mount Kayak , Canoe , Ski ‘s , Bike , Top Storage Basket , Box Cargo Carrier & Luggage Bag
  • HEAVY LOAD CAPACITY – The Lightweight Aluminum Cross Bar Design Holds 150 LBS
  • ADJUSTABLE CAR RACKS – Connect to Vehicle Side Rails Width Range of Between 36″ – 48″
  • THEFT SAFEGUARD – Secure the AeroGrip Crossbar to Your Vehicle with the Key Entry Anti-Theft Locking Covers