Landcrossers 36V 10Ah Fish Lithium Battery for 350W for Electronic Bicycles Lithium E-Bike With Power Dispaly+Low Self Discharging (Battery(with charger))

Landcrossers Fish E-Bike Battery

Battery Type:Fish Lithium-ion
Rated Voltage / capacity: 36V / 10Ah
Battery N.W/G.W: 3.26KG/3.66KG
Battery Size
Case Material: ABS+Aluminium alloy
Battery Color:Sliver
Batteries combinations:10-S,5-P
Cell quality:18650-2000mAh
Recommend to use:200W-360W
Discharge Standard current:10A-13A
Discharge Max current:28A-30A
Discharge Cut-off voltage:30V
Discharge cycle life:800 times
Discharge method :Bottom discharge

Fuse:Installation position:Inside on the PCB


Working temperature:

The discharging positive (+) is on the key and charging socket side, please make sure the polarity is not reversed from your old battery before purchase.

Product Features

  • 🐳EASY TO USE-Stored in a sturdy aluminum casing, easy to transport;Modern Shape design, easy to install and remove Eco friendly and safe to use.It can be used in the bike,outdoor and so on.The lithium ion battery can be charged on the bike, or easily removed for storage or charging in your home, office, or on the go.
  • 🐳POWER DISPLAY-Ride more easily and you can monitor the remaining power at any time, to determine the distance you can continue driving.Suitable for 200-360W motor,good quality Aluminium components designed for universal fitment and long term durability.Full charged can be keep for 25-30km/h.(Note:The specific effects will change because of user weight, road conditions, weather, temperature changes etc.)
  • 🐳LOW SELF DISCHARGE-Built to the highest international standards, CE,RoHS,MSDS approved and .PCB protection:Over charge,over discharge,over load and short circuit.Low-self discharge, less than 3% per month;Low temperature effect, can work (discharge) in -20~60℃.
  • 🐳SAFETY PROTECTION-The Landcrossers Battery equippes with BMS and PCB protective plate in battery. BMS is used to supervise battery by measure its voltage, temperature, current and SOC (State Of Charge), give out alarm under wrong circumstance, cut off electric power link in severe situation in order to protect battery and make its life longer. BMS can balance energy among batteries to make them more identical and expand its discharge cycle.(about 800 cycles)
  • 🐳WHAT YOU GET-Package included:1 x Lithium Battery with Aluminum case(Base discharge) ,1 x US Plug Cannon Head with 3 pins Charger (42V 2.0A).Shiping from USA.We provide 1 year warranty and 30 day money return.If you have any problem,please first contact our curtomer team for supply.