LineCub 12V 150 PSI Portable Air Compressor Pump, Inflator Kit for Car, Ball, Bicycle and Other

1.The compressor exerts wide ranges of use,such as tire of vehicle auto engines and bicycle,balls,toys and boats,etc.
2.It is good for the emergency needs.When you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tire low pressure.
3.Convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy any space.
4.The appropriate tire pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving.
2.The way of use (Step by step according to the following Instruction):
1.Plug power cord into cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle.
2.Start up the engine and turn on the switch.
3.Push connector of the compressor toward valve stem of the tire.
4.The gauge will indicate the pressure of the tyre.When the gauge indicate appropriate tire pressure,usually 28-35 PSI,stop engine unplug power cord and remove the connector from valve stem.
1.While compressor working,keep the engine running to enhance the power.
2.The electric source is DC 12V.110V family electric source is prohibited unless with a transformer.
3.Generally,it takes 3 minutes to compressor the vehicle tire to the appropriate pressure,30PSI if the gauge indicates the pressure rising rapidly,even amounting to 100PSI at the beginning of the inflating,it means the failure.Please remove the connector from the vavle and operate again.
4.Keep the inflating at your sight and attention.Please check the gauge for the pressure and not let the Pressure too high.
5.Wet and heavy dropping are prohibited.Keep away from children to avoid possible hurt.
6.Keep the cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle clean and fuse connecting.Otherwise the compressor can not work.

Product Features

  • ▲SAFE-SOLUTION -Test tire pressure, emergency inflating, tire deflated when the tire pressure too high
  • ▲USER-FRIENDLY – Power by cigarette lighter ; LED light for nighttime emergencies; Durable metal body grounded by anti-vibration rubber feet to prevent unwanted movement
  • ▲SPACE-SAVING – Portable compact design and lightweight makes it easy to lift, carry around, keep in your car for using in anytime you need
  • ▲RAPID-INFLATION – Quicker inflate the car tire from 0 to 35psi under 4min
  • ▲MULTI-PURPOSE – Comes with 3 different tips make it perfect for cars, bicycles, sports equipment and inflatables adapters included