Minoura Mag Riser Block 3 for Bicycle Trainers

The Mag riser block 3 from Minoura Lifts up your front wheel during a training session to be at a natural level. This block fits both MTB and road bike tire widths. Minoura invented the Mag trainer, it is no wonder that they were the first to prefect it. Minoura trainers, ROLLERs and accessories will ensure you are ready to perform at the highest level. For 80 years, the family-owned Minoura of Japan has been a manufacturer of outstanding cycling trainers, ROLLERs and accessories. They are known the world over for quality craftsmanship and design and all trainers are made within Minoura own factory in Japan. Known for unique designs, Minoura developed the first eddy current magnetic bicycle trainer in 1987 and the first rim drive trainer in 1994.Train in an ergonomically correct position with the Minoura riser block. Stationary bike trainers have to lift the rear wheel to help it spin, which puts the rider at a tilted-downward angle. This forces the rider to apply unnecessary force to the handlebar to support his or her upper body. The plastic riser block responds by putting the front wheel at the same level as the rear wheel. The position is not only more comfortable, but it also makes training more effective. The riser block includes a wide and shallow groove for mountain bike tires and a narrow, deep groove for 700c road bike tires.

Product Features

  • Fits under front wheel to level the bike to get natural riding on training
  • Double grooved design fits your narrow or wide ties
  • Polyethylene material minimizes weight at 1/2 lb.
  • 8.6″ D X 4.7″ W X 2.75″ H
  • Available in bulk or with header tag