OneUp Components ISCG05 Bash Guide

As the trend for lower and slacker bikes continues, chainring protection is becoming even more important. The OneUp Bash Guide uses the same simple, one tool installation and adjustment as our best-selling ISCG05 Chain Guide, but adds ring protection.


Weight: 87g 28-30T, 102g 32-34T, 105g 36T

Capacity: 28-36T

Chainline: 5.5mm adjustment

Mount: ISCG05

Color: Black and Green top guide pieces included

Material: 7075 aluminum, top guide glass reinforced thermoplastic



1. Set chainring size tighten bolt to 3Nm

2. Hold backplate directly against ISCG05 tabs. Check for clearance between the back side of the bashplate/guide and the bike frame (use included 2.5mm spacers if necessary to space the backplate away from the frame).

3. Rotate backplate until flat is horizontal and torque bolts to 5Nm

4. With crankset and chain installed, use spacer shim block to measure clearance between back plate and chain

5. Determine the corresponding number of chainline shims required

6. If more than 5 shims are required, install the supplied 6mm washers behind the backplate and return to step 2

7. Assemble top guide with spacers and tighten bolt to 3Nm


1. Remove Bash Guide from bike

2. Remove bolt retaining clip from rear bash plate bolt by pushing a 4mm hex through the bolt from the backside of the guide.

3. Remove Bash bolts using a 5mm hex

4. Select desired bash plate and reinstall bash bolts to 6Nm

5. Reinstall bolt retaining clip on the rear bash plate bolt

6. Reinstall Bash Guide onto bike

Product Features

  • Vital-MTB 4.5 Star Review “this guide should be at the top of your purchase list considering the great performance and low cost of $79 (which includes extra parts). The minimal weight is well worth the peace of mind that having a chain guide creates. And having the bash protection keeps the chain protected from large impacts.”
  • Protect your chainring, eliminate dropped chains and more than double the life of your Narrow Wide Chainring .
  • Extremely easy to install and adjust using a single 4mm Hex tool, without removing your cranks.
  • Boost compatible and Oval Compatible
  • Includes 2 top guide pieces 1xBlack and 1xGreen and 3 bash plates (28-30T, 32-34T, 36T) and Stainless Steel Hardware