Retrospec BMX Style Bicycle Handlebars for Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed/Mountain/Commuter and Freestyle Bikes, Black

These BMX-Style bars are great for doing tricks, but are also especially comfortable for all kind of distance riding because they rise a little bit higher than other bars and the rider can sit more upright. Whether you ride for exercise or to commute to work, Retrospec’s BMX style handlebars will help you be more comfortable, look good, and reduce the weight of your bike. Retrospec is a bicycle and component design, manufacture, and distribution enterprise in Los Angeles, CA. Our company philosophy is simple. We value bicycle quality and are committed to provide our customers with a cycling device whose incredible riding experience can speak for itself. To create such a powerful, yet fluid, riding experience we must pay close attention to the elements that matter most. Retrospec is passionate about minimizing the carbon footprint of our operation and promoting an alternative and affordable method of transportation.

Product Features

  • These Alloy Handlebars come in at only 250gm and are lightweight durable
  • 25.4 Clamp, 570mm Width, 2.0 T,H=90
  • Available in 11 Colors to mix and match with other components
  • These BMX-Style bars are great for doing tricks
  • These bars are especially comfortable for long distance riding since they rise higher and allow the rider to sit more upright