Roof Mat for Car SUV 36″x 48″ LARGE SIZE Non Skid Pad – ANTI-SLIP – SUPER THICK Protective and Padded CLOSED CELL Foam Rubber Use Under Rooftop Cargo Bag Box Carrier Rack

The Roof Mat sits under your cargo on the roof of your vehicle. It is designed to protect the roof from damage caused by your cargo (hard objects, buckles and zippers, sharped ends, etc.) and it’s made with material that prevents your cargo from shifting on the roof. The pad’s size is 48″ W x 36″ L. It will fit under larger car top carriers. IMPORTANT NOTE: You still need to tie down your cargo by lashing straps. The mat only helps prevent the cargo from moving when tied down properly thanks to its rubbery surface. Good for use with roof cargo, roof bag, car top carrier. You can use your imagination and find a lot more uses for this supermat. Use it as a yoga mat, shelf liner, trunk liner, etc…

Product Features

  • PROTECTS THE PAINT 6mm (1/4″) thickness that it’s hard to find plus extra protection with its closed cell construction and solid material. A lot better than other “roof mats” that are made of open weave material (similar to shelf or drawer liner).
  • NON-SLIP MATERIAL for relaxed traveling on your car, SUV, or van. Extra padding and grip material for added peace of mind, forget about cargo on top of car moving around. Place the car roof mat under any rooftop cargo bag, rooftop carriers, unexpected purchases that can only be taken home on the roof of your car, luggage, racks, trees, surfboards, kayaks, skies, surfboard, wheelchair, bicycle, etc…
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE 36″ x 48″ that fits larger car top carriers and it’s easy to cut for custom fit for smaller cargo.
  • Easy to cut for custom fit to smaller cargo, make sure you cut it smaller than the roof bag so it doesn’t flap while driving.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE made by Store in Motion and moioSHOP.