SCICON Aero Comfort Air Travel MTB Wheels, 29-Inch, Black

The descendent of a legend. Now also geometrically fit for all MTB. The Aerocomfort MTB is the only bike bag with metal structure for increased safety and ultimate comfort that fits every MTB size from 26″ to even the popular 29″. Being outdoors you are constantly looking for the next adventure with your bike and the AeroComfort MTB it is the perfect companion to secure your bike on trips with the plane, train and car getting you safe to your destination. Offering the flexibility and lightness of a soft bag, combined with the stability and the security of a hard case, the AeroComfort MTB is the perfect solution for MTB riders that need to travel a mile or two with their bike. The integrated MTB Antishock Bike Frame specially designed to brace the bike, protects all critical parts from impact and vibrations.AeroComfort MTB has been engineered around the MTB specific geometry to fit any MTB bike size. Your bike can be stowed very easily; you just have to store your wheels in the individual padded wheel compartments with external lateral shield cups. Where ever your next adventure will take you to, the AeroComfort MTB will make sure that you and your bike will arrive safe and sound for the ride of your life.

Product Features

  • AeroComfort MTB Black – 29″ Wheels (Air Travel)
  • Material SciCon Nylon Fabbric 840 PADDED
  • Fastening Self-Healings Zips
  • Weigh 8 Kg
  • Dimension L 136 x D 22 x H 90 cm