SOLOMONE CAVALLI 700c 5 Spoke All-in-one Bicycle Wheel Set Mag Wheelset for Fixie Fixed Gear Road Single Speed

Original Solomone Cavalli five- spoke wheel set
Unique design,super-cool looking and stylish
Undergone countless tests and tweaks to guarantee the best rider comfort and steering control
Custom designed by the best fixie parts manufacturer
Wheelset is made of high grade and high duty magnesium alloy
Strong and sturdy in all the right places
Race proven by the professionals
Lightweight and very aerodynamic-ride with the wind with the best gear underneath
Best acceleration and shock absorption qualities- smooth and fast rides guaranteed
Exclusive rims’ pattern and coating
Braking performance and ride quality are going to surpass all your expectations
Well-loved by trail riders and cross-country racers
Ideal for fixed-gear bikes as well as single-speeds
Fast and versatile,it has added advantages in weight and stability
Both front and rear wheels are coming in the complete set
Transform your bike into a beast with this incredible wheels’ super-set
Helps all categories of riders to reach their goals- in the most efficient, safe and reliable way

Product Features

  • Superb 5-spoke 700c wheel set made of high quality magnesium alloy
  • Special all-in-one design for fixed gear and single-speed bicycles with flip-flop hub
  • The set has undergone multiple quality tests to guarantee highest standards of quality
  • Very light weight and yet durable
  • Improved performance for long-distance and speed riding to “behave” well on any type of road