SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle: Multi-Terrain Dual Air-Filled Tires; Retractable Handle; App & Bluetooth Speaker

Show off your swag with SWAGTRON’s newly crafted, motorized unicycle: the Swag Roller. Whether you’re an explorer venturing down dirt roads, a country dweller racing through grass, or an urban go-getter zigzagging down the street, the Swag Roller will be the perfect multi-terrain companion. In a single charge, the 450 W motor travels up to 12.4 miles, tackles inclines up to 15 Degree, and carries up to 264 lbs effortlessly. The unicycle scooter features 14″ dual air-filled tires on a single aluminum rim for unbeatable traction and shock absorption not seen anywhere else, so you can ride comfortably through any terrain. With the gyroscopic technology, speed up, slow down, and make turns-all with just a shift of your weight. You’ll be able to adventure anywhere! Cruise down high-traffic boulevards while exploring day or night using the bright headlight and LEDs for continuous visibility. Even beginners will have no fear with the included training wheel accessories. When you’re done riding, simply fold the metal footrests and use the retractable handle to roll the Swag Roller to class or work. Its compact 16.5×20.5×5 inch size allows for storage beneath desks and inside car trunks, making it perfect for commuting students. You can even rock out all the way to class using the Bluetooth speakers! Customize your one wheel scooter and show off your personality by choosing one of four preset LED patterns via the Android/iOS app.

Product Features

  • PERFORMANCE YOU CRAVE – The 450 W motor carries 264 lbs, travels 12.4 miles, and overcomes 15° inclines with ease
  • ROCK OUT ON THE GO – Blast your favorite songs as you ride with this balancing scooter’s Bluetooth® functionality
  • 14″ DUAL TIRES – With dual air-filled tires on a single rim, you’ll have unparalleled stability & traction while riding
  • ACCESSIBLE VIA THE APP – Use the app to choose an LED pattern, use the motor lock feature, view riding history, and more!
  • PORTABLE – The electric unicycle fits in small spaces, has foldable metal footrests, and rolls with its retractable handle