Trail-Gator Children’s Black Trailer Tow Bar

The Trailgator Bicycle Tow Bar provides a fun and interesting way to tow your rookie rider. This durable steel bar attaches to the back of your adult sized bicycle and to the front of your childs bicycle, so you can tow them right along. When attached, the Trailgator lifts your childs front tire off the ground and locks their handlebars in place to prevent them from turning. You child can choose whether or not to pedal. The Trailgator fits almost any 12in to 20in commercial childs bicycle. No tools are required for attachment! Simply attach the quick release mechanism and go! Tow your child the fun and more affordable way with the Trailgator Bicycle Tow Bar!

Product Features

  • Tow Bar converts an ordinary child’s bike into a safe, towable bike trailer; child’s handlebars can be stabilized
  • Once bar is installed, child’s bike can be attached or disconnected anytime without tools
  • For children with a maximum weight of 70.5 pounds, adult must weigh at least twice that of the child rider
  • Fits 12- to 20-inch tire size children’s bikes
  • Accessories are available!