Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage Roof Bag by Vault Cargo – On top of Car Bag – Straps to Crossbars or a Roof Basket – Waterproof Carrier Bag Has 15 Cubic Feet of Capacity – Fit for the Outdoor Elements

Ever consider driving to Florida or California for vacation with the family or just going to visit your relatives? Maybe you are looking for an adventure and going camping instead. Where ever you are thinking of traveling the hardest part is packing the vehicle considering what you must bring with: luggage, camping gear, bikes, family, dog…

Thankfully Vault Cargo’s Roof Top Carrier Bag can help solve the overwhelming issue by providing 15 more cubic feet of storage on the roof of your car or SUV. The cargo bag is waterproof and made of heavy duty canvas that can withstand the outdoor elements while allowing you to keep the space in your vehicle for family members or even more leg room.

Pair this roof bag with a set of Vault Cargo’s Roof Rails and have the added capability to secure your luggage and cargo for your weekend camping trips or road trip vacations.

Product Features

  • ✓ ADDED CARGO SPACE – Roof Carrier bag increases the cargo for roof of car
  • ✓ EASY USE – The Auto Top Cargo Carrier is strapped to roof bars with ratchet straps / lashing straps
  • ✓ PROTECTION – Heavy duty canvas material protects your cargo from the elements of traveling
  • ✓ ADDITIONAL SAFETY – Use a roof bag protective mat and ratchet straps to secure safely to your car
  • ✓ 15 CUFT OF CAPACITY – A robust amount of luggage can fit in the cargo bag to free up vehicle space