4ucycling 3D Silicon Gel Padded bike Underwear Shorts – Breathable,Lightweight,Men -Women Black 2XL

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Product Features

  • PLEASE CHOOSE ONE OR TWO SIZE UP IF YOU ARE FROM U.S.A OR EU TO FIT YOU BETTER. HIGH QUALITY MESH FABRIC ,our 4ucycling 3D gel padded shorts are made of high-quality mesh fabric which has fine air permeability, moisture absorption and sweat releasing properties. Therefore, it can prevent you from any discomfort such as senses of greasy, or sticky while riding and keep your skin breathing freely. What a happy riding time it provides to you
  • CURVED CUTTING ON THE SIDE EDGE ,MORE SUITABLE FOR THE CONTOUR OF THE HUMAN BODY.The side edge of our 4ucycling underwear shorts adopts curved cutting patterns. Compared with those which use linear cutting patterns, our shorts is more suitable for the contour of human body
  • 3D GEL ANTI-MICROBIAL PADDED,With 3D thickened protection pad, our underwear shorts can alleviate the pressure of your buttocks. The coolmax functional yarn on the surface of the pad can effectively absorb moisture and release sweat. Besides, the user-friendly fabric which can effectively prevent gigging and bacteria growing, makes you feel reassured
  • SUPER SOFT ,THIN CIRCULAR DESIGN,The pad adopts a super soft design philosophy, a thin circular surrounding somewhat thick in the center,which perfectly solves the friction,problem towards the inner part of thighs,freeing you from the friction sufferings during riding and letting you enjoy a happy time during the journey
  • Can match jeans and suit pants outside. Thus, it can make you feel at ease both at working time and leisure time.