700c Men’s Kent RoadTech Road Bike, Green/Black

If you’re looking for a new bike, consider opting for a road bike – they’re much lighter and more rigid than standard hybrid or mountain bikes, so they require less energy expenditure to get up to speed and keep moving. This means you’ll get to your destination faster – and you’ll also have a great time, because road bikes are really fun to ride. Built around a steel road bike frame, the 700c Kent RoadTech Men’s Road Bike is beautifully engineered and reasonably priced. It’s equipped with calipers and brake levers, so you can stop quickly; the high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims look as good as they perform. Shimano shifters allow you to shift without taking your hands off the handlebars, providing safety and confidence. A Shimano derailleur completes the drive train for quick and smooth gear changes, and the gearing offers a number of different speeds. The racing seat is comfortable for fast racing or slow riding.

Product Features

  • Steel frame
  • 21-speed
  • Alloy caliper brakes