A Practical Guide to Electric Bikes (Discovering Electric Bikes)

Electric bikes are becoming mainstream but still present mechanical and electronic complexities that can be a challenge to understand and overcome. This electric bike book is intended to help people who might be considering the purchase of a mass-market ebike but want to validate their interest and choose the right product for their price range and projected use.

It’s designed to be short, enjoyable and actionable. Complementing this guide are videos, images and an entire website of detailed electric bike reviews at ElectricBikeReview.com along with a forum where you can post further questions and get realtime tips from the author and other enthusiasts who have already jumped into the space.

Included in this guide are:
– Original photographs and videos to clarify complex subject matter.
– Bike recommendations based on rider body type and expected use.
– Tips on protecting your electric bike and extending its life.
– Advice for ways to save money when purchasing an ebike.
– References to award winning products and independent resources.

Upon reading this guide you’ll know the pro’s and con’s of buying local versus online. You will be able to zero in on a specify style of electric bike that best suits your needs. Terminology like volts, amp hours and watt hours will make sense and actually become useful when choosing a bike. You’ll know how to properly care for the bike you do choose and deter theft. You’ll find out where to get further support and how to recycle your battery when it ultimately starts to degrade. You’ll also learn about safety and feel better equipped to address questions and concerns from family, friends and coworkers.

The author of this book, Court Rye, is a long time bicycle enthusiast who has test ridden hundreds of electric bikes. He’s attended industry events and received feedback from the CEO’s and top leaders of the biggest ebike brands in America including Pedego, Currie Technologies, Easy Motion and others. He has owned many electric bikes over the years, using them to commute to and from work on a daily basis in snow, rain, wind and muggy hot unbearable heat!