Rainbow Rex Reflective and Fluorescent Bike Frame Safety Decals by Premium Vinyl Stickers in 4 Colors (Yellow, Red, Pink, Green). Fits Bikes on Forks and Seat Stays. Made in USA. (Green)

Be more visible when riding your bike around town or across the state. You choose to be safer while riding your bicycle with our high-intensity retro-reflective and fluorescent decals. The choice is yours, ride with confidence and feel safer on the roads. If you like style, you’ll enjoy the contemporary design of these decals on your bike. Designed to look like it’s always belonged on your bike. Easily installed. These premium, high-quality decals have been designed with a high-intensity retro-reflective component and a fluorescent component. The high-intensity retro-reflective material is extremely reflective, which will help improve your safety at night when motorists’ have their headlights on. The modular design allows for multiple sets of reflective material to be placed on the forks and seat stays to further help improve safety and visibility at night. The fluorescent component comes in 4 colors: red, yellow, pink, and green. Fits adult and kids bikes. They will fit most adult and kid bikes on the forks and seat stays. Allow for about 10 inches for decals on the forks and 6.5 inches for decals on the seat stays. Will work on road, gravel, mountain bikes, e-bikes, and fixies. Basically, if you have forks and seat stays, these will fit. Made in USA. This product was designed and produced by Rainbow Rex in Oregon. We support local businesses and living wage. Use with bike lights for improved safety.

Product Features

  • Helps improves daytime and nighttime visibility when riding your bike.
  • High-intensity retro-reflective material and premium fluorescent material with a durable, adhesive backing.
  • Available in 4 fluorescent colors (Yellow,Red, Green, and Pink) and 1 reflective color (White).
  • Modular design allows many reflective decals to be stacked along the forks and seat stays for further improved safety at night. (Multiple packages needed for this)
  • Designed to fit adult and kid bicycles on forks and seat stays.