Adjustable 4 Bike Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand Bicycle

Patented Product, absolutely easy to use
Very stable floor rack. The most stable floor rack we ever carry. We offer full refund if you are not happy.
Powder coated steel, very strong
Well organized with a joint(s), no tools needed to connect
Various types of rack arrangement
Make the rack more stable using a joint(s)
Best rack for expensive bikes to avoid scratches and touching the frames Disc Rotors or Cassettes
The only touching points are on back tyre.
Adjustable to fit any type and any size of bike.
Adjustable for exactly fitting so more secure holding
Rubber protected base, suitable for indoor wood floors
Weight: 6.5kg (15 lbs)
Made in Taiwan
One year warranty
Package: For 4 Bikes: 4 Holders + 3 Joints

Product Features

  • Best bike floor stand ever
  • Various types of rack arrangement , suitable for all your needs
  • Flexible, Adjustable Fits all bikes