Bicycle Parking Rack Stand Storage on Wall/Floor for Road Bike and Fixed Gear,Small and Creative,Save Space(Blue)

The Snap is an innovative way to park your bike vertically or horizontally.
The Snap is made from a durable high strength material and is easy to install anywhere! Simply snap your front tire into place to store your bike.
Unsnap to be on your way without having to lift the rear tire off the ground – no heavy lifting, no clunky metal pieces, great for kids.
Installation Notes:
1.Check your tires,Measure the exact size either with a ruler or using the guide on your box
2.Find a suitiable wall,you can install roadie into a wooden beam,on brick/concrete or on drywall.Be careful not to drill or screw into eletrical,plumbing or other service fixures in the wall.
3.Line up your bike,hold your bike in the position you want to store it,Align the box with center of the wheel and mark the hole position,keep least one wheel on the floor.
4.Drill holes(Brick/concrete or drywall only),stick your box to the wall and drill right through the guide+Place the anchors in the holes.
5.Screw th clipper on the wall
6.Clip tn the gripper

Product Features

  • The smallest Bike storage rack help to stand your wheel on the wall
  • Include 1 suit bike rack equipment and instruction
  • Only need 1 step to install, save parking space
  • Suit for most road bicycle,tire widths:700C 23*32MM
  • Guarangee: 2 years quality warranty, will refund money if manufacturer defects in material and workmanship