Bike Bags

Sloane is 51 when her previously perfect life crumbles. The initial fissure is the assault of menopause, followed closely by her husband of 25 years leaving her, without explanation or preamble. It causes her to doubt her appeal as a woman as well as to reevaluate her entire life and self worth.
She decides to take a bike tour of Austria, Slovenia, and the Chezch Republic to escape her misery, and instead of enlisting close friends and family to join in her adventure, she chooses to contact a random assortment of acquaintances. It is not only because she wants to leave any reminders of her old life behind, but if she should decide to stray beyond her formerly rigid boundaries of propriety, she did not necessarily need the blowback to follow her home. Not that she was planning orgies or drunken bacchanals, but still, she preferred to be free of expectations.
When they converge on Vienna and she takes stock of the quirky misfits that she has assembled, none of whom know one another, she questions not only her selection process but the entire inspiration.
After a rocky start the journey turns out to be full of revelations, friendships, conflicts and hilarity that entertains and alters them all.
It is a comedic romp and an exploration of the follies and challenges of life. If you are offended by profanity this is not a book for you as it is liberally peppered with it.