Bike Chain Cleaning Tool by Ozzy Outdoors-Our newly designed cleaner uses rotating brushes to make bicycle chain maintenance easy-BONUS GIFT with purchase

**The Best Solution for Your Dirty Chains**

Say Good-Bye to Slow, Sluggish Performance Once and For All!

Ozzy Outdoors Bike Chain Cleaner was created to revolutionize how we care for our bike chains. Cleaning your bicycle chains is no longer a messy hassle.

You simply clamp the unit on your bike chain and spin the cranks. Our tool makes it easy to clean chains-in under a minute!

Turning the pedal runs the chain through multiple rotating brushes in order to knock off grime and cut through any buildup.

Have No Trouble Picking the Best Bicycle Chain Cleaner

– Flimsy metallic pieces and useless sponges have been eliminated from our product for the ultimate in simple, professional design.
– Our product has everything that’s needed to quickly clean your chain, rings, cogs, and pulley’s.
– It will prolong the life of your drivetrain and minimize mechanical drag resulting in better performance for both you and your bike!
– The Ozzy Outdoors Chain Cleaner makes quick work of getting into the nooks and crannies found around derailleurs, the cassette, cranks, and chainrings.

For a limited time, enjoy a free gift with purchase! A Bristle Brush and Notched Scraper- A $7.99 Value!

100% No-Hassle Replacement Money Back Guarantee!

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Product Features

  • ✓ SMARTER DESIGN- Our cleaner looks similar to some of our competitors but is different in key ways. Other products utilize two clamps on the end- the problem with this is that when the clamps get wet, fluid spurts everywhere. The Ozzy Outdoors Chain Cleaner utilizes a single clamp in the middle of the device to lock the product together when cleaning.
  • ✓ VERSATILE- Works with all types of bikes- if it has a chain, Ozzy can clean it! For free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain. For bikes with coaster brakes, the bicycle must be elevated or flipped over in order to work.
  • ✓ CONVENIENT- Cleaner clips directly to the chain-no need to remove the chain from the bicycle-cleans quickly and easily in just one minute. Simply fill the chamber with your choice of cleaner. Purists insist the best cleaner is mineral spirits and others prefer citrus degreaser- the choice is yours!
  • ✓ DURABLE- Made from heavy duty plastic to ensure a lifetime of superior performance. No flimsy metallic pieces to rust and break away. No useless sponges that fall off after a few uses. Just simple, thorough, rotating scrubbing brushes encased in strong plastic to keep your chains clean.
  • ✓ RELIABLE- The ONLY bike chain cleaner backed up by a lifetime warranty. With so many cleaners to choose from, many of which are similar, you want to be sure you are getting the best return on your investment. With the Ozzy Outdoors Bike Chain Cleaner, have no fear! We offer a simple, hassle-free return option. **FOR A LIMITED TIME, get a free gift with purchase! Bristle Brush and Notched Scraper- a $7.99 Value!**