Bike Lock Folding Steel Joints – Via Velo Bike Lock with High Security Hardened Steel Metal, Great Bike Safety Tool

Your Bike Has Never Been Safer!

Are you always worried that someone will steal your bike?
Do you not trust regular bike locks and chains, because they’re easy to pick, cut or drill?

Your bike will now be impossible to steal, thanks to folding bike lock with the high security hardened steel shackles.

The cut and drill resistant bike lock is impossible to break, so your bike will be protected when you park it outside.

And if it starts raining, don’t worry! The stainless steel lock will not get rusty and the joints will still rotate smoothly.

e. It’s easy and fast!

Mount The Folding Lock On Your Bike Frame!

When folded, the steel bike lock is very small and compact. But you don’t have to store it in your bag.

When you’re riding your bike, you can hang the folded lock on its frame. How can you do that?

Lock has included all the parts you need to build and attach a mount setting which you can use as a case for the folding lock.

The Steel Lock Won’t Scratch Your Bike!

Trust us! Even though the folding lock is made with hard rock metal, it will not scratch or damage your bike’s frame.

The special rubber paint coating of the foldable lock will keep your sleek bike frame in great condition.

This is the most secure and practical bike lock on the market, so don’t waste any more time.

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Product Features

  • •THEFT-PROOF: Imported hardened alloy steel &heating processed bike lock body, anti-24T hydraulic clamp,anti-sawing, anti-drilling, anti-rust, covered by PVC plastic material, won’t scratch bicycle
  • •EASY TO CARRY: Lightweight, Compact, and Flexible, the Foldylock fits most bikes and is easy to carry featuring special rivets that make folding easy
  • •KEEP YOUR BIKE FRAME INTACT: The heavy duty stainless steel bicycle lock is coated with ABS rubber paint. This means that your bike frame is protected from unattractive scratches and other damages. So don’t be afraid and worried when you lock your bike or and pull folding lock to remove it
  • •FOLDABLE DESIGN: 8 joints foldable design greatly reduces the locker size on the basis of largest locking space, and makes it more convenient to install and carry around. It greatly enlarges the lock space (210mm*210mm) within the smallest lock size (65mm*134mm)
  • • WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: 3-year warranty applies to U lock for US, CA, UK, EU Cyclists, 90-day money back policy, 24-hour online customer service. If you are not satisfied with it, you get a full refund unconditionally