Bike Nook 203-3337201 Bicycle Stand

Bike Nook bicycle stand, the brilliant new way to store your Bike away, quickly and easily, freeing up 3 1/2 feet of valuable floor space. Saving floor space is so important, we hang bikes on the wall or Ceiling. But now there is no more struggling with hanging them up, which can be a pain to lift, and can damage your walls or other valuables. Safe and secure, your Bike never ends up on the floor. It’s easy as 1-2-3, just roll the back wheel onto the Ramp, tilt the front wheel up and Lock it in place

Product Features

  • Store your bike up against the wall
  • No more struggling with lifting and Hanging the bike up
  • Safe and secure, your bike never ends up on the floor
  • Great for Mountain bikes, Road bikes, racers, kids’ bikes and beach bikes
  • The base expands for any Size Tread. Lets you keep your bike inside