Bike Trainer Tape

Eliminate the need to swap out your good tires with bad tires every time you want to ride your indoor bike trainer. Simply apply a strip of BTT Bike Trainer Tape around your good tires when riding your indoor trainer and easily peel away the tape when you want to ride outside. The number of hours each piece of BTT will last will vary based on roller pressure and amount of power the rider generates during his/her training session. The recommended ride time before replacing the tape with a new piece is 4-8 hours. Not replacing the tape within the recommended timeframe may result in cracking or breakage.


Before applying BTT, ensure the tire is completely clean from dirt, dust, and rubber residue. Clean tire with rubbing alcohol or warm water and dry with rag before applying the tape to create a strong seal between the tape and tire

* For best results, double-wrap tape with one continuous piece of tape and apply firmly with slight stretch.

* Periodically inspect the tape and peel off slowly when removing.

* Although not required, wrapping two layers of tape around your roller, as pictured above, may provide a smoother ride.

* Discounted pricing available for team or group purchases. Contact us for details.


BTT is not compatible with Computrainers or Tires with pronounced ridges, bumps or deep grooves, similar to the Vittoria Open Pave.

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Product Features

  • Protect your good tires while riding the indoor bike trainer or warming up for Time Trial or other race
  • Each roll of BTT Bike Trainer Tape contains enough tape for approximately 10 wraps
  • One roll will last between 40-80 hours of ride time
  • INSTALL TIP: For best results, Thoroughly clean tire and double-wrap your tire with one continuous strip of tape