Bike Valve Adapter Set , PRESTA Valve to SCHRADER Valve to PRESTA Valve Converter Bicycle Tube Pump Air Compressor Tools,3 PCS

Material: 100% copper
Color: Gold / Silver
Condition: Brand new
Package Included:
1 * PRESTA to SCHRADER valve
1 * SCHRADER to PRESTA valve
1 * PRESTA valve Expansion adapter

Product Features

  • Different adapters can be used to adapt unsuitable valves to air pumps or filling station compressors.
  • Sclaverand and dunlop on schrader/sclaverand on dunlop/schrader on dunlop (contains a non-return valve)
  • All bike valve adapter use 100% copper, good quality, durable and prevent rust!
  • O-ring of bike valve adapter using environmentally friendly imported rubber, internal thread using Japan’s Fu Shisi made into a smooth thread.
  • Package Included: 1*PRESTA to SCHRADER valve 1* SCHRADER to PRESTA valve 1*PRESTA valve Expansion adapter