Bikebros bike bag phone mount, Frame bicycle tube handlebar with pannier Strap Attachment, 100% waterproof touchscreen case, under ≤6″, cycling + water resistant zipper

Perfect cycling accessory for any beginner, novice, or experienced cycler!

BikeBros premium Bike Bag allows you to store your phone with extreme comfort onto your bicycle.
The installment process comes easy, as our proffesional velcro strap feature gives you to comfort of simply
adjusting it and tightening it to the bike.

Of course, this tiny bag allows you to hold and store your phone while cycling, without the worry of having
to constantly put it away or even worse, the risk of having it fall out of the bike completely!

Our BikeBro bag also comes with a variety of unique features:


Versatile Phone pocket: Fits for any phone under ≤ 6″ inches in length (remember to factor in any bulky covers on 6 inch phones).
This includes smart phones such as iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6 plus, 5s, 5, and other devices such as: Samsung Galaxy s7, s6, note 7,
and much more.

Rain Protection: Our waterProof transparents cover protects the phone from water incase it rains when cycling. Our 100%
waterproof cover also comes with the water resistant mount bag that will keep your items stored inside nice and dry.

Touchscreen: In addition to being water proof, our anti-tear polyester protective screen cover allows for the ability to
interact with your phone should you need to at ease. Allowing for easy swiping and touching while protecting your
phone from any risks when cycling.

Mini storage: Our Pannier storage mount bag allows us to store small everyday items such as keys, headphones,
cash, ID’s, chargers, or any other small goodies when transporting via bicycle. Velcro straps: allows for easy
installment when adjusting it to your bicycle, so you can tighten it and adjust it whenever necessary.

Additional Product information:

18 cm length,
8.5 cm width,
9.5 cm height
Weight: Less than a pound

Product Features

  • SIZE GUIDE : Bike bag Fits ANY phone under 6.0″ inches (cover included). Cell Phones such as: iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6 plus, 5s, 5. And even smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy s7, s6 ,note 7, and more.
  • WATER PROOF TOUCHSCREEN: Our phone mount bag, is 100% waterproof as it has a premium water resistant rain cover. Our touch-screen also allows for easy to use touch, allowing you to hit functions on your Smart Phone and see the screen clearly through the sensitive transparent cover without frustration.
  • DUAL WATER PROOF ZIPPER : Well sealed zipper easy to open/close with splash resistance, keeps insides dry and cool in both sun and rain for cycling convenience.
  • MINI STORAGE : Premium pannier Bike bag includes perfect pocket for holding or storing small goodies such as any headphones, chargers, keys, and other important essentials are kept safe and protected.
  • VELCRO STRAPS : The strap attachment mount is easy to attach to your top tube handlebar with the strong velcro closure strap, which can be tailored or adjusted to perfect assembly depending on the bicycle.