Bright LED Bike Wheel Lights – Spoke Lights Including Battery 30 Different Patterns Waterproof(IP55) Safety Bicycle wheel light by Taktik Easy to Install Auto Open and Close

Energy Saving
Light sensor & Dynamic Sensor,auto open and close.
When the bike moves at night or in dark area,the LED bike spoke lights will light.
Different Patterns
Made of 2*14 pieces LED lamp beads,30 patterns and they change every 3 seconds.
The protection level is IP55.It can run in rainy day.
Safety & Easy to use
Taktik bike wheel light can be installed by most of bicycles with spokes,such as rode bike,mountain bike ,fixed gear bike and ordinary bicycles,etc.But please note,they are not suitable for wide spokes bikes.
Money Back Guarantee
If you have any problems or don’t like Taktik bicycle light,before you write feedback or review,please contact with us,100% refund or replacement.

Product Features

  • Super bright LED bicycle light, consisting of 2*14 safe LED lights, has 30 different patterns, making you the most unique focus in the dark and able to ride safely at night.
  • The waterproof design at the IP55 level can work well even when the rain is heavy, and there is no need to worry about the damage of the bicycle wheel’s lights when riding on a rainy day, and still enjoy the pleasure of cycling.
  • Even easier to enjoy gorgeous.Wheel lights can be easily turned on at least 15 km/h. When you are riding slowly, you can become a beautiful scenery without sweating!
  • Easy installation, suitable for most bicycles, such as children’s bikes, foldable bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, etc. Only one bicycle wheel lamp is available for 1 round, including 3*AAA batteries.
  • Taktik has professional customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us for 100% refund or replacement.