Colorbasket 01563 Adult Front Handlebar Wicker Bike Basket, Natural Color

We here at Colorbasket have a simple purpose, create beautiful functional bike baskets that last (maybe: that stand the test of time). It is our belief that giving high quality materials to experienced and skilled artists produce most imaginative and well-designed results. This is why each of our Natural Wicker and Willow Bike Baskets are hand woven and hand painted by our exceptional staff. Our wicker and willow cord is thicker so it is longer lasting and looks stunning with any of our many color options. It is our love of blending beauty and function that continues to drive us to produce exquisite and sturdy bike baskets in a wide array of materials.

Product Features

  • Hand-woven for quality and strength
  • Customize your bike with different color options
  • Made to fit adult bikes
  • Add style to your bike with a classic bike basket
  • Size L 15.3″ x 9.4″ x H 11.4″ and 2 adjustable straps included