Colorful Bicycle Fenders Lightest MTB Front Mud Guards Tire Tyre Mud guard for Mountain BMX Racing Touring Road Bike Parts (green)

1.Material Can be Suffer in High Temperature , Long -Lasting Exposure ,And Can be Folded Many Times .
2.Thickness is Reach 1.2mm , Generally the Most of Mudgurad in the Market is Around 1.0mm.
3.Flexible Material and Extremely Easy to Install It ,Protects Your Fork Stanchions and Bridge from Getting Caked
4.Reducing the Need for Cleaning and Servicing .Made of High Huality Material, and Suitable for Most Bikes .
5.Fender Keeping Spray off Your Face When Riding after a Rain through Streams or Standing Water .
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Material:1.2mm Polypropylene Plate
Size: 26 x 22 cm/ 10.3 x 8.7 inches(L*W)
Compatible: Front Fork and Rear Seat Stays
Weight: 100g/3.53 oz
Package List: 2*Big Mountain Bike Fender,1*Small Mountain Bike Fender,10*Cable Ties

Product Features

  • FETESNICE mud guard is the lightest mtb mudguard available on the market and can fit for most bikes.
  • Easy to install, using zip ties strap to attach to the fork, bridge and stanchions.
  • Designed to stop any muck, dirt and water from being flung into your face.
  • Designed to protect your fork stanchions and bridge from dirt and grime.
  • Designed to fit as close as possible to the knobbly bits for optimum ‘muck’ catching, reducing cleaning and servicing.