Continental Ultra Sport II Bike Tire, Black, 700cm x 23

The Ultra Sport offers all the performance and value needed for aspiring cyclists. Reliable puncture protection thanks to a robust 3/180 TPI design and ample grip and mileage thanks to the silica-based tread compound. A broad size range provides plenty of choice for the intended application: for racers, there is the 23mm Ultra Sport at the starting line, touring and long-distance cyclists find more comfort in the 25mm,and if frame/fork clearance permits, the 28mm offers maximum grip, comfort and puncture protection.

Product Features

  • High Performance Training / Entry Level Race Tire
  • Amazing Durability due to the deeper center tread
  • Consistent, Reliable Handling – Especially on Rough Road surfaces
  • Wide range of size options available
  • Supple 180 TPI casing and great mileage form the silica-based tread compound