CYCBT Ebike Battery Flasche 36V-10.4AH Li-ion Bicycle Battery Pack, Fits For E-GO, Wondervelo, Hapex, City Line F1, F2, M1 and M2, Electric Bicycle Battery, Made of Samsung Cell, CE Rohs GS TÜV  


1.Cell Type:Samsung 18650
2.Weight:About 4.6 KG
4.Rated Voltage:36V
5.Rated Capacity:10.4Ah
6.Charge&Discharge Mode: CC&CV
7.Cycle Life≥1000 times
8.Internal Resistance≤230mΩ
9.Charge: Standard Charge Current:2A, Max Charge Current:4.5A, Limited Charge Voltage:42V
10.Discharge: Standard Discharge Current:10.0A, Max Discharge Current:20.0A, Discharge Cut-off Voltage:30.0V
11.Working Temp : Charge Temperature:0~45℃, Discharge Temperature:-20~55℃
1.It is recommended to charge up the battery to 80% if you are going to store it for a period;
2.make sure the battery will be charged at least once every 3 months to ensure the best performance and cycle life
3.The battery should be stored in a dry environment, keep away from fire and heat sourcere;
4.Avoid direct connection of positive and negative poles
5.Can not be modified.
Packing List:
1) 1 pack SS006-36V-SILVER-10.4AH CYCBT Battery
2) 1 pcs AC Charger
3) Keys
5)1 Carton Box

Product Features

  • “Warranty 18 month, plus insurance by China TaiPing, effective globally.Designed by CYCBT in Uk,Assembled in China,After-sales service address: Allmandring 14A,70569 Stuttgart, Deutschland “
  • Long cycle life, more than 3 times of lead-acid one; INGRESS PROTECTION X lever 4;
  • No memories, so half charge is not an issue;
  • Low-self discharge, less than 3% per month;
  • Low temperature effect, can work (discharge) in -20~55℃;