El Presidente Recycled Bike Tube Wallet

Splaff Flopps products are all made with recycled race car tires, bicycle Inner tubes and hemp. They are hand-crafted and are produced in a 100% waste-free, earth-friendly process in which all left over materials are either re-used or recycled. They collect, sort, cut and clean the recycled tires and bicycle inner tubes themselves to guarantee the quality of the recycled materials they use. As these wallets are made from recycled rubber they may have traces of print that can be taken off with a solvent.

Product Features

  • Made from Vegan materials that were processed and harvested free of cruelty or destruction
  • Wallet is made entirely of recycled and handpicked race car tires, bicycle inner tubes, and hemp.
  • Black and sturdy with handstitching
  • Hand-crafted and produced in a 100 percent waste-free process in which all leftover materials are either reused or recycled
  • Easily removable traces of old print from the materials’ previous life may appear; simply clean with solvent