Extra Large Exercise Bike Seat Cushion – Soft Bike Gel Saddle Cover – Bicycle Wide Gel Soft Pad – Most Comfortable XXL Bicycle Saddle Cover for Women and Men

If you love having fun on your bike or completing a full workout with a new personal best then you also know how painful a rock hard saddle can be.

We at Bikeroo, are committed to help people stay on track and achieve their goals, that’s why we have developed the perfect extra large exercise bike seat that sticks to your saddle and protects your back.

Our Bikeroo extra large bicycle seat cushion allows you focus to focus on what’s important – achieving your goal.

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Product Features

  • DON’T LET THE PAIN MAKE YOU GIVE UP ON RIDING – During our studies, we found out that a painful saddle is the reason why 43.7% of people give up on cycling. After riding on a painful bike saddle you can experience pain, soreness or even start having prostate issues. Therefore, we’ve created an extra-large bike seat cushion. This large bicycle seat cushion will perfectly fit wider saddles like Airdyne Exercise Bike Saddles
  • COMFORT GEL SEAT CUSHION FOR FUN AND PAINLESS CYCLING – Bikeroo Extra large bicycle seat cushion with thick gel padding and a pressure relief channel, is the ideal wide gel bike cushion designed to help you enjoy your outdoor rides or indoor cycling sessions without experiencing any discomfort.
  • EXTRA LARGE BIKE SEAT CUSHION DESIGNED TO ALLOW EASY PEDALING – Made of Lycra material on the exterior, our Bikeroo bike seat cushion cover is a light and durable bike saddle cover suitable to be used as the best bike pads for women and for men also. Due to its thick gel padding, it is a super soft and flexible gel seat cover that will perfectly mold on your stock extra-large bike saddle. It will allow you to pedal more and it will perfectly work as your large stationary bike seat cushion
  • EXTRA WIDE GEL SEAT COVER – 11″ Wide x 12″ Long-You can use this extra wide bike seat gel cover on cruiser bikes, road bikes or as your comfy exercise bike seat cushion. We recommend you to double check the size of your saddle before ordering an extra-large cycle seat cushion
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We want you to love our XXL bike seat cushion cover. If you are not 100% satisfied, we offer 12 months Money Back Guarantee. If our padded bicycle seat cover does not improve your comfort, please contact us and we will refund you the money. With that, you have no risk. Add your soft and sturdy wide seat gel cushion to the cart and enjoy your healthy hobby.