Fluid Bike Trainer Stand, Sportneer Indoor Bicycle Exercise Training Stand

It’s hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym. The weather might be bad, you may not like to work out in front of other people, or you may be short on time. No more excuses! With the Sportneer Indoor Fluid Bike Trainer, you’ll be able to enjoy a fantastic workout from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a complete beginner,this bike trainer stand is just what you need to take your fitness to the next level. This awesome exercise tool holds your bike in place and mimics expensive stationary bike machines. You’ll improve your strength and endurance in no time. The harder you pedal, the more resistance you’ll face. It’ll feel just like a real bike ride!

The ultra-smooth resistance wheel eliminates obnoxious, distracting whirring- you can work out any time of the day without disturbing those around you. Any experienced cyclist can confirm that fluidity is the key to a great bicycle exercise stand.

The heavy-duty steel body increases stability and durability so that you can pedal away for decades to come. It won’t move an inch, no matter how intense your workout is! Non-slip pads on the base further prevent sliding and scratches on your floor.

The Sportneer Bicycle Trainer can be assembled and disassembled in just a few short minutes. The frame can be folded to an ultra compact size (only 21.3″x 25.2″x 7.9”) for easier storage.

Note: A front wheel riser block and quick release skewer are included! The skewer is specially designed for bikes with quick-release rear axles.

– Material: steel + ABS + rubber
– Folded size: 21.3 x 7.9 x 25.2 inches
– Extended size: 22 x 22 x 15.5 inches
– Net Weight: 16.5lb

Package Contents:
-1 x Bicycle Trainer Stand
-1 x Fluid Resistance Wheel
-1 x Front Wheel Block
-1 x Accessory Bag

Product Features

  • MAKE YOUR OWN STATIONARY BIKE: Bring your bike inside for an indoor cycling workout! The Sportneer Indoor Bike Trainer fits bikes between 26-29 inches, and is also compatible with 700C bikes. You won’t have to break the bank to invest in new equipment. Simply use what you already own
  • SMOOTH SILENT SPINNING: Break a sweat without disturbing those around you! The fluid, high-quality resistance wheel ensures easy spinning that’s whisper quiet. As you pedal harder, resistance increases- it’ll feel just like the real thing
  • BUILT TO LAST: Here at Sportneer, we want you to have the best. That’s why this bike exercise stand is made with a heavy-duty stainless steel frame that maximizes durability! You’ll be able to use it for years on end
  • SOLID, STURDY AND SAFE: A stationary bike workout should be just that- stationary. The dual locking system easily locks your bike in place, and the extra wide frame and front wheel riser block eliminates wobbling. You’ve never had a ride quite like this
  • LIGHTNING-FAST SETUP AND EXTREME PORTABILITY: Assemble your bike trainer stand in no time, without the need for extra tools! Installation is effortless and intuitive. The frame can be folded into a tiny 21.3″ x 7.9″ x 25.2″ size for easy storage and small enough to take with you so that you can enjoy a workout anywhere