FOSS Bike Inner Tubes AV20″x1.95-2.5

Product Features

  • BICYCLE TUBES ANTI-EXPLOSION: Champion of year material award, you will amazed at their performance in holding the air pressure when punctured. It give you very long time to react, test video has been posted by an enthusiastic customer, you can move to the customer reviews part to see, if you like it, please click “YES” for us, thank you!
  • LEAKING PROOF VALUE: Durable values will not only prevent leaking but also prevent corrosion
  • AGING PROOF: Traditional inner tubes will aging in 2-3 years, but these inner tubes will not
  • 30% LIGHTER: Lighter than traditional products, will reduce your cycling weight
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Totally environmental-friendly material, cycling itself is a healthy way, why not try better inner tubes