Hinsper Bicycle Cleaning Tool Kits 8 Pieces Bike Cleaning Toll Bike Chain Cleaner Tool Wheel Cleaner Brush Compact Multipurpose Practical for Mountain, Road, City, Hybrid ,BMX Bike and Folding Bike

Bicycle Cleaning Tool Kits
Designed for All Bike like mountain bike, road bike, city Bbike, hybrid bike, BMX Bike, folding bike

Bike Chain Cleaner Tool
360°rotating brushes, perfectly clean your bicycle chain. And the bike chain gear cleaner could pick out the dirt inside the bike wheels, the chain brush can deep clean the dirt at every corner of the bike chains.

Tire Scrubber
Easy to Cleaning of the different dirt
Save time and effort
Multifunction Brush

Wheel Brush
Ergonomic design
To bend before using force, Not broken
After bending snug fir tire tire brush clean and efficient

Bike Clean Mitt
Wet and dry use
half of Coral Velvet, half of Terry Cloth

Sprocket Brush
Efficiently and easily remove dirt from hard to reach areas
For free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain

Sprocket Scraper
Recyclable material,More upscale durable
Easier to reach the Hub, Rear Derailleur, Brakes

Tarpered Detail Brush
Less than stretched it easy to get a place
Brush edges of small stature ,the Elimination of dead dirt

Rubber gloves
Keep your hands clean

Product Features

  • The Most Complete function – Bike Chain Cleaner Tool, Tire Scrubber, Wheel Brush, Bike Clean Mitt, Sprocket Brush, Sprocket Scraper, Tarpered Detail Brush, Rubber gloves
  • Different brushes fit for different parts of bike. Efficiently and easily remove dirt from hard to reach areas
  • Multipurpose – Works for Mountain bikes, Road bikes, City bikes, Hybrid bikes ,BMX Bike and Folding Bike
  • Pratical –help keeping your bike new as before and even can be use as daily household cleaning tool
  • Material: Plastic/Coral Velvet. Durable and Light weight