Hollywood Racks Bike Frame Adapter Pro (Black)

The Bike Frame Adapter pro model creates an artificial top tube for ladies, kids and non- tradtional bike framesMade by Hollywood Racks, this device serves as an artificial top tube for your bicycle, and is ideal for women’s bikes and bikes with non-conventional frames. Heavy-duty, interlocking frame hooks attach to your bike’s seat post tube and handlebar stem. The Bike Frame Adapter Pro features sturdy, non-twisting tubing and is designed to fit openings of between 14.3 inches and 27.4 inches. The product is made in Taiwan.


About Hollywood Racks
Hollywood Racks started in 1973 when it began making trunk racks in the back of its bike shop in Hollywood, California. As a retailer, it knew exactly what people needed: good quality products that were easy to use. Hollywood Racks earned a great reputation fast and began selling its racks to other dealers, and later to the bike companies. Today, the people at Hollywood Racks still build racks the only way they know how–simple, strong, and secure, and they are proud to maintain their reputation of having the toughest racks in the business.

Hollywood Racks are built with top-quality materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum, aircraft quality fasteners, and thick powder coats to withstand the elements. Generous amounts of padding protect bikes and cars, and all of the company’s products are fully covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

The company’s products continue to receive accolades from all the major outdoor sports magazines, and are in demand by everyone from recreational cycling families to weekend warriors to race teams on the road and off. From its proven Original to its new “bolt-on” spare-tire rack and heavy-duty commercial parking systems, Hollywood Racks makes the strongest, safest, and easiest-to-use systems for bringing your bikes along whenever you go.

Product Features

  • Easy to adjust
  • Will not damage your vehicle
  • Pre-assembled
  • Artificial top tube for your bicycle; ideal for women’s bikes and bikes with non-traditional frames
  • Interlocking frame hooks attach to seat post tube and handlebar stem
  • Device has sturdy, non-twisting tubing
  • Made to fit openings of between 14.3 inches and 27.4 inches
  • Made in Taiwan