INBIKE Folding Bike Lock Strong Lightweight with Bicycle Mount Bracket Black Anti Hydraulic

Material: Stainless steel, ABS rubber
Inner Diameter:199mm
Package included: folding lock*1 / keys*3 / non-slip straps*2 / mounting cage*1 / screws*4
This lock is made of stainless steel covered with ABS rubber paint which can effectively prevent damaging the bike frame. Flexible mounting with non-slip straps and screws at the bottle holder device.The foldable design greatly reduces the locker size on the basis of largest locking space, and makes it more convenient for you to install and carry around, an ideal combination of resistibility, weight and compact size.

Product Features

  • This compact size folding lock is made of stainless steel covered with ABS rubber paint, which can effectively prevent it damaging the bike frame
  • Foldable design greatly enlarges the lock space (210mm*210mm) within the smallest lock size (65mm*130mm)
  • Using the advanced car rotary riveting technology to reduce the joints gap and remain tight
  • High-quality cylinder of this foldable bike lock offers good protection from pickers, pullers and drillers
  • The mini bicycle lock is lightweight, flexible and features resilient 5mm steel bars that are linked with special rivets for easy folding. Updated bracket attached to the frame to better carry the lock